Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do you all remember when last year (or maybe even earlier) that decorating matchboxes was the rage? Well I thought I would share with you two matchbox creations because I think they should make a comeback!! This is one that I did by stacking the boxes (6 to a stack) reversing the order to make a cube. There are 2 squares of chipboard on the top and bottom to hold it all together. I covered all areas that could be seen with Christmas paper. The front of each box has a large brad that makes it easier to open. There are 24 boxes in the cube so you start opening them on Dec 1, and the last one on the top is opened on Dec 25. Hershey "Treasures" fit perfectly in the boxes, but you could also do brads, eyelets, etc. for your stamper friends; or customize for someone special like your child's teacher. What a fun project! If you would like directions, please email me.

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Rachele Funk said...

I really want to make one of these! Sometime you'll have to show me how in person!