Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and what a great dayI had! From the moment I got up there were flowers from my husband - thank you John, I love you!, and a Jim Brickman CD titled HOPE from my daughter that I listened to on the way to work. If you love piano music and haven't heard of Jim Brickman you are really missing out. He had a Christmas CD out last year that is just so beautiful. He comes to the Phoenix area every few years which I always look forward to.
Anyway, on with my day. I went to work and they brought in lunch, beautiful roses and wine - however, since it is a school, we couldn't open it!!! The secretary Lynne, made me a homemade apple pie (I don't really do cake) that had little cookie cutter apples made from the piecrust on top. How cute it was! Gave me an idea for a card! So to Leslie, Millie, Robyn, Lynne, Christina for the lovely gift and to everyone who gave me cards, thank you so much. It was a real treat. I love you all and enjoy working with you all so very much. Then last night I had my two daughters with me - the first time in about 8 years that we have been together on my birthday. Jenne used to live in San Diego, and Kerin lived here and we never could manage it to be together on the actual day. So this was so special. Kerin's friend Kerry came over and we all played games; drank wine and or scotch!, played more games; had more wine and or scotch; played pool and then you guessed it! Finally had homemade apple pie - wow that's twice today- what a real treat!! So tonight we are going out to dinner, tomorrow I am going to breakfast with Leslie and Jen from work, Sam, my great Wed. stamping buddy is dinner at her house on Monday night, Wed. happy hour with 2 other co-workers and then my Birthday Week will be over. Whew..............................
I got a lot of cards from many friends and I want to thank you all. These are a few from my Wed
group. The pink flowers are from Carolyn- what a beautiful card - very striking. The pink stripe is from Marie-love these colors and now I think I need that punch!!! and the birds are from Sam - how cute is this!! Thank you all - I miss you.

This one is from my daughter Jenne, who is thrilled to have the use of my craft room now!!


Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

WOW, beautiful cards!
Anja from germany

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

OH I forgot: Happy Birthday and good luck:-) I'm a november child too on 30.