Monday, August 13, 2007

Love My Cat

Are there any cat lovers out there??? I'm sure there are! Well my daughter Jenne's cat, Price Tag, aka P.T. has been with "me" for 17 years. She received him from Auntie Debbie at age 13. (Auntie Debbie, by the way, never asked if we wanted a cat!) Well Jenne grew up and went to college; moved to an apartment in San Diego, and has never been able to take care of the cat. So, although he technically is hers, I am Grandma (this is my only grandchild as of yet!!!) and I have had him for 17 years. Last October he was diagnosed with bone cancer and the doctor did not believe he would make it till Christmas. So, I made her this scrapbook of his life to give to her to remember him. Well, it is now August and he is still with us!! The doctor is amazed, that he has lost half of his weight, but is still hanging in there. He doesn't look or act sick so I am thinking that he is on one of those 9 lives (not sure which one though). The last page of the book showing then and now is a picture of Price Tag when we left our home in Massachusetts (the only home he ever knew) to our home in Arizona. Well, I gave her the book before we took a picture of him on our patio out here to put in. Jenne has it now and has put a picture in.
I must have her send me a copy of that page.
This book was put into a pizza box. The first picture is the cover of the pizza box (with PT as head of the house) and the 2nd picture(PT on a quilt) is the inside cover of the box and the 3rd picture (yellow with brown ribbon) is the cover of the book. Enjoy!
I'd love to see your scrapbooked cat too!!!

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Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

Awww bless PT!!

Huge cat lover here lol, only have the one (Barney just over a year old) but I'm always buying cat crafty items for the scrapbook.. only made one page so far!

Great papges hun... I hope PT continues to remain well.