Sunday, March 30, 2008

SCS Saturday challenge

This card is for the inspirational challenge to find something in your home that inspires you. Well, I actually went outside my home and there is my first blooming calla lily - a sure sign of Spring here in Arizona. Of course, Spring is a relative term since we only really have Spring and Summer here!! Believe me, coming from the Boston area, I know this to be true!!! So I made this card being inspired by "my" first sign of Spring. We actually have them all over the yard. They are like rabbits and seem to multiply. I don't know if the birds get the pollen and sprinkle it around but I am amazed at the locations each year of these plants.

I used Wasabi for the background; whisper white and then the only color printed paper I could find in my stash that matched. I think it is from one of those packs from Joann's or maybe it is just a single sheet from Hobby Lobby. Anyway there was no identifying maker on the back. The Calla Lily is from SU Ageless Adornment that I haven't used in such a long time. Maybe I should set aside a day for using "older stamp sets" LOL I stamped the calla lily in wasabi and just outlined a little in yo yo yellow. I only wanted to bring a touch of yellow into this card because that is all that is on the flower and leaves. So, that is the trim around the lily, and the brad through the ribbon. This is another thing that I have no idea where it came from but it was the only green ribbon that I had that was anywhere near close to Wasabi. I also tried 100 ways to put "think spring" (a tiny little saying from Hero Arts) on this card and nothing looked good so I decided to just leave it off. This way it could be a card for any occasion. I will post this on my SCS site tomorrow. Now, here is another amazing thing! I have been a member and have logged in daily for so long but somehow I have never uploaded any of my work. Why???? I really don't have an answer for that. So, I have opened my site as jk's mom and will add regularly. Have a great week everybody.

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